Market Report for December 2016

The market trends we saw in December strongly reflect the larger market trends for our area. While there were fewer new listings and closed sales overall, the sharp increase in median sales price in Buncombe County as well as the significant decrease in month supply of homes in Asheville and Buncombe County indicates that the market is “hot.” Fewer days on the market until sale and fewer days between list and close compared to last December further support this conclusion. Check out the data below for a more targeted look at our local markets.

Asheville City Market Report

Market December 2016 Asheville

Buncombe County Market Report

Market December 2016 Buncombe

If you’d like additional data about our market in general or even a specific neighborhood in the area, we’re happy to help. Send one of our agents a message or give us a call at (828) 232-4030. Happy New Year!

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Market Report for November 2016

November is typically the slowest month of the year in the real estate industry. Clients find it challenging to make time for house hunting and keeping the home they’re selling pristine for showings during the holiday season. Because there are fewer sellers in the market, the months supply of homes is at the lowest it’s been this quarter, which means those sellers who do decide to list homes in November have less competition. We also saw that without as much inventory to choose from, the average days on the market ticked back down. That said, buyers don’t have it so bad either: the average sales price and the YOY change in average sales price is the lowest this quarter.

Asheville City Market Report


Buncombe County Market Report


For more information on the Asheville real estate market, you can check out the reports for October, September, and August or give us a call at (828) 232-4030. We’re happy to go in depth about the trends we’re seeing generally or more specifically in your area of interest.

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Market Report for October 2016

With prices up and inventory down, the market was hot for sellers in October, which is consistent with the trends we saw in August and September. In fact, the median home price in Asheville continues to show increase month over month. That said, we are seeing the months supply of homes has leveled off and in some cases risen slightly, meaning that market growth is becoming more consistent and less extreme. This conclusion is also supported by the data for days on the market, which has been ticking up ever since it hit the lowest point in years in June/July.

Asheville City Market Report


Buncombe County Market Report


If you’d like to see more data from these locations or want to know what’s happening in a different part of Western North Carolina, we invite you to email one of our agents or call us at 828-232-4030. We’d love to provide more information so you have a better picture of what these real estate trends mean for you.

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Market Report for September 2016

We’ve analyzed the data for September and have compiled the real estate market stats and trends we’re seeing in Asheville and Buncombe County. Perhaps most interesting to us this month was the year over year drop in home supply across all price brackets for single family homes.

Asheville City Market Report


Buncombe County Market Report


For a more specific picture of what’s going on in your neighborhood, price range, or in a different part of WNC, contact us or give us a call at (828) 232-4030. Our agents are knowledgable and eager to help!

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5 Trends Spotted at Dwell on Design Conference in LA

June 26, 2013

Written By:  From the Blog.

This year’s show was the most energetic in recent years, with more exhibits than ever. The last few years focused on green and sustainable designs, and while sustainability was still a major focus, luxury was definitely back in a big way. Our five top trends:

Organic shapes: Gilded and organic shapes were very popular this year. Local artist Seth Parks creates custom hand-blown art glass lighting and sculptures. His American-made pieces are unique and collectible works of art that can be found in high-end homes, galleries, and businesses worldwide. Incorporating another trend, gold and silver, were the curvy vases created by artist Daniele Fratarcangeli which are blown glass with a mirrored surface. 

1970s style: Is it the “Mad Men” effect? As the popular series has evolved from the early to the late 1960s, interior design trends have followed suit with styles that recall the late 1960s and early 1970s. Scandinavian design is back in vogue, with clean lines and bare wood contrasted with bright fabrics and prints.

Metallic finishes: The last few years were filled with rustic, eco-friendly furnishings. This year luxury and glam were back in a big way. Burnished and mirrored furniture and decor gleamed at the show, attracting plenty of attention from trendspotters. The ever-popular Airstream trailers were on the scene. This year’s show boasted three of them, including the newly launched Land Yacht and one used as a pop-up shop by clothing brand Aether, which dubs its creation an AetherStream.

Plenty of prefab: One of last year’s top trends returned as once again prefab homes and studios were on display. This year saw even more designs than last year. Land and home combo packages are available from some firms, so that practically all you have to do is sign on the dotted line, and your prefab home is moved to the location. It’s an instant vacation house for the impatient set.

Furniture that makes you work: One of the most talked-about booths at the show was the one from, which included both stand-up desks and the very trendy treadmill desks. In addition to other ergonomic furniture, an old favorite, the kneeling chair, made a return appearance. The Balans chair, which first came out in 1979 and was all the rage in the early 1980s, is back in an updated form. Varier Furniture creates a whole line of furnishings designed to support the body in style.

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