Top 10 Reasons To Sell During The Holidays

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  1. Fewer homes on the market = Less Competition– Many home sellers like to wait until the “hot” selling season to put their home on the market. In Asheville, like most places, the big selling season is in early spring. But why not get a jump on the competition?  When housing inventory is low, buyers will appreciate a home that is competitively priced and in tip-top showing condition.
  2. Holiday buyers are serious buyers! You will waste less time showing your home to unqualified buyers, because buyers who look during the Holidays are serious about buying!
  3. Most people, including buyers, are happier during this time of year. Happy home buyers who need to move are attracted to homes that are warmly decorated and inviting.
  4. Holiday decorations will increase curb appeal. Many Asheville neighborhoods decorate and light up their entrances and their homes during the holidays.
  5. Your home may look its best during this time of the year. The Holiday smells & decorations of your home might invoke warm fuzzy feelings for a potential buyer.
  6. Some buyers may prefer to buy for tax reasons before the year ends!

  7. More time off to look at homes! Home buyers may be able to take a little more time off during the holidays to look at homes.
  8. Become a non-contingent buyer! If you sell your home during the holidays, you will be a non-contingent buyer – when it comes time to buy your next home! Few things hurt a home buyer’s bargaining power more than being a contingent buyer – meaning you must sell your current home in order to buy your next home.
  9. You are in control! If you are worried about selling during the holidays because you don’t want to move out of your house before the Holidays are over, you don’t have to. You are in control! If you don’t like the terms of an offer, you don’t have to sell your home. Or, even better,  you might be able to work out a rental situation so you don’t have to move until after the Holidays.
  10. Realtors® at DixonPacifica Real Estate are working during the holidays! We are WORKING during the holidays. Many buyers and sellers are purchasing during this time of year, so we make ourselves available.

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Waynesville & Haywood County Market Data

Market data through March 1, 2014.


MOI March 2014

March 2014 res unit sales

March 2014 Homes sold

March 2014 Avg med price




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Haywood County Market Stats

There is a slow and steady recovering happening in Haywood County and should continue through 2014. There has been about a 12% reduction in inventory compared to 2012 as well as an increase in overall sales pace through 2013.

Haywood MOI Feb 2014

Haywood Avg Med Feb 2014

Haywood Res Sales Feb 2014

Haywood Homes Sold Feb 2014

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Haywood County Market Update

Haywood County is suffering from high inventory, which is keeping the buyers market strong. Around 70% of sales are under $200,000 which is reducing the inventory below $200k.

Haywood MOI Oct 13

Avg Med Price Oct 13

Haywood - Res Unit Sales Oct 13

Haywood - Homes SOld Oct 13

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Haywood County Market Stats

Haywood Cty Avg-med price through June '13

res unit sales July '13

Homes sold report Through July '13

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Haywood County Housing Data

June 11, 2013

Haywood County real estate numbers through May 31, 2013.

Haywood avg med price june 13

Haywood MOI June 13

Haywood unit sales june 13

Haywood homes sold report june 13

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Welcome to Clyde nestled in Haywood County, home of the Great Smoky Mountains. Haywood County is also home of the Folkmoot International Festival, one of the top school systems in the state, and a lower than average cost of living.

Haywood County, and Clyde in particular, has the distinction of being “away from it all” but without the isolation usually associated with mountain living. Asheville, with its regional airport, is only 40 minutes away. I-40 provides excellent access from Knoxville, Tennessee, through Clyde, and on to the Raleigh-Durham area.

Two industrial parks have been developed just north of the Canton/Clyde area. The newest industry to join the park is Echlin, Incorporated, a world-class supplier of automotive replacement parts. Echlin will employ 150 people initially at the new plant opening later this year in the Beaverdam Industrial Park with a prospective employment of 350 jobs in three years.

The Clyde Town Board is composed of four aldermen and the mayor. A town administrator oversees day-to-day operations of the town.

Clyde is within easy access of several golf courses. Hiking and nature trails and superior trout and bass fishing are a part of the nearby National Forest. Also nearby are the nation’s two most visited national parks: Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway. Located near Clyde at Maggie Valley are the Cataloochee Ski Slopes with facilites for all classes of skiers. Camping and outdoor living are at their best in the forests and campgrounds in Haywood County. There are many public and private campgrounds for the outdoorsman.

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